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Pop Life Hamburg

After starting at London Modern Tate the Pop Life exhibition is being shown at Hamburg Kunsthalle from Feb. 12 through May 9 2010.

As word has it the exhibits range from gaudy over saucy up to raunchy.

You can find more information at Hamburger Kunsthalle and some news reporting at Spiegel Online and even FTD.

Need to go and visit! For starters Flickr has some creative commons licensed imagery to take a peak at the work of featured artist Takashi Murakami.

Photo of his sculpture “Hiropon” (1997)¬†from the London Modern Tate exhibition by Jim Linwood:
Magical Princess Sculpture, Pop Life Exhibition, Tate Modern, London.

Takashi Murakami’s works look like cartoons or anime where something just went utterly wrong or maybe shows some ‘after dark’ scenery where the figures behave quite differently from one would expect.

He is quite successful and among other works he supplied the visual art for some records/videos from Kanye West as evidenced in this photo from Jim Linwood:
Kanye Bear, Pop Life Exhibition, Tate Modern, London.

This looks like Teletubbies’ nightmare, photo by Stefan Andrej Shambora:
Kaikai & Kiki by Takashi Murakami

Update: Some (Koharu) current (Danny Choo) attention (boingboing) seems to be paid to a video from the very same Pop Life exibition. Made by Takashi Murakami and hollywood director McG (wikipedia) and starring Kirsten Dunst as ‘magical princess’ character.

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